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This is the kind of stuff I still check the audio portal for. Really ethereal, really well produced, really original. I just like it a lot.

This is so weird that I don't know what to make of it, but I can't stop listening. Bit repetitive tho. Would love to see this turned into more than just a short loop.

JewelCollective responds:

i know its very repetitive i was just to lazy to do anything with it lol. thanks for the feedback tho

im really not a fan of ending on that sample repeating over and over, but everything else is SO GOOD. i missed your music and i didnt realize until right now lol. its the kind of dubstep i thought i just stopped liking years ago. it just goes so hard

anyway yeah i hope youve got more in store

Omnivore responds:

hey thank you so much! yeah haha the ending was rushed, i get that! and yes i plan on uploading here a lot more frequently :)

Definitely one of my favourites of the tracks of yours I saw in the audio portal today. A tad repetitive, but overall it has good variation and progression with that lead synth that shows up about a minute and a half in, which has a very nice chiptuney vibe. Solid instrumentation overall, and I like the mood the song gives off. It sounds like the theme tune to a fun game. My only problem with it, and I gotta be blunt, is the backing synth that starts at 2:48 sucks a lot. It's so bad it throws off the whole song. It sounds like a violin that was tuned wrong. Just fix that and the song is fine.

gamers....... rise up

Oooooh, this is interesting. The beginning part of the song sounded a bit too much like other stuff I've heard before, albeit very sharply played. However, when that bonesaw kicked in I was completely on board. I'd never heard it used like that before. It felt like a song played by skeletons with backup vocals by a cartoon ghost acapella. Really neat stuff.

I like this a hell of a lot. Smooth instrumentation, great atmosphere, subtle ambient underwater background noise, and a really good lead vocal-sounding melody. Is that voice sound sampled or synthesized? Either way it's really nice.

CX330 responds:

I think it was from a kontakt vocal library, so a little bit of both?

Thank you so much for the review <3


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