Entry #1

Getting back into Newgrounds

2014-11-04 20:29:08 by Chevrium

I'm really liking the feedback on my art so far. I'm getting more views on here in a day than I could get on tumblr and dA in years. This place will likely also be the repository for all completed music from me as well. This site just feels like a good place for the different kinds of stuff I have.

I'm still relegating the higher resolution versions of images to deviantArt, though. I don't upload art at the original resolutions by any means, but I like to keep it high (even around 50% of the original size they're still pretty big). dA has much better options for click-zooming that keeps picutres within the boundaries of a moniter while still leaving the larger file accessible, whereas clicking a picture on Newgrounds jumps it straight from the small image to a full zoom which expands my stuff past the boundaries of most monitors.

That being said, I'm still staying here.



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2014-11-05 10:34:19

Yes NewGrounds is a great way to have your works viewed by large amounts of people. The Art section of this site is honestly my favorite as there is so many talented artists creating great pieces here daily. Appreciate you putting your Art here on the site for other users to enjoy. I am going to check out some more of your art that you have uploaded.