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Posted by Chevrium - December 19th, 2018

Just saw this video from Proko today featuring RobotPencil, one of my all time favourite concept artists and just an absolute phenom when it comes to pumping out detailed paintings. I would highly recommend this video for anyone looking to level up their time management in the creative process without sacrificing quality.



Posted by Chevrium - December 17th, 2018

December 17th - the day tumblr will begin deleting all nsfw content of any kind - is almost over, and not much has changed really. Not that I'm surprised. Whatever tumblr's plan for the future of the site is, it's going to take a while Though the mood of tumblr going into today has been a very sobered, cynical one. A lot of people aware of how slow, terrible, and outright ineffective the process is going to be. I, myself, haven't been touched, because I don't post NSFW stuff, and apparently most of the bots I follow weren't considered pornographic either, since most of the porn bot accounts that follow me are still as active as ever. Though there are a few that had their blogs wiped clean of posts, save for their icons which are still usually violating the rules. And, hilariously, a LOT of the porn bots that follow me that are still active are full of gifs that are in black and white. I'm going to guess that tumblr's AI was trained mainly on flesh tones so monochrome went entirely under its radar, and gifs are harder to analyze en masse. On that note, furries were utterly untouched by tumblr's algorithm. They'll probably slowly be reported, one by one, as people flag their accounts manually over the next year or so. I just think it's funny how ineffective their neural net has been, and will be until the day the site is gone for good.

One reason I'm really glad I moved here instead of just Twitter is that, thanks to FOSTA and SESTA, Twitter is very likely going to suffer a similar fate to tumblr in the next few months, whereas Newgrounds seems like it is going to be holding its ground in the face of this sanitation of the internet. I hope that's not in vain. The idea of this site of all places being bleached clean by interpol or some shit because one person used the forums one time to post something illegal sounds like a terrifying prospect. And, for those not in the know, that is the ultimate goal of these new laws, and tumblr is an example of that in action.

In other news, I'm going to be streaming a lof more soon. I play video games and draw on Twitch. Not with much regularity right now, but I'm getting better at that. For anyone who cares, you can follow me on https://www.twitch.tv/chevrium


Posted by Chevrium - December 4th, 2018

looks like my main site for art is going from tumblr to newgrounds lol

for those not in the know here's a quick run down

first this happened:


then THIS:


basically I'm going to be affected no matter how safe for work my content is. tumblr fucked up so bad that its hemorrhaging legitimate and legal users faster than it can delete their accounts, whether or not they post porn, and it's only going to get worse from here. so I'd be a massive idiot, just the biggest bumbling buffoon, to keep focusing on that site as an art platform.

also their new TOS i kid you fucking not includes the actual descriptive term "female presenting nipples" to describe in a PC friendly way that they gona delet those tiddies, and its the funniest three words I've heard all year.



Posted by Chevrium - November 21st, 2018

I forgot to upload some stuff here again lol. Need to stop doing that.

I only seem to come back to Newgrounds when another site like tumblr, twitter, or deviantart sucks massive dong at being a place to upload art, when I never seem to have problems with this place. I should just, like, stay here.

also what the fuck did this site have emojis before emojis were a thing and I didn't even notice?

Posted by Chevrium - November 4th, 2014

I'm really liking the feedback on my art so far. I'm getting more views on here in a day than I could get on tumblr and dA in years. This place will likely also be the repository for all completed music from me as well. This site just feels like a good place for the different kinds of stuff I have.

I'm still relegating the higher resolution versions of images to deviantArt, though. I don't upload art at the original resolutions by any means, but I like to keep it high (even around 50% of the original size they're still pretty big). dA has much better options for click-zooming that keeps picutres within the boundaries of a moniter while still leaving the larger file accessible, whereas clicking a picture on Newgrounds jumps it straight from the small image to a full zoom which expands my stuff past the boundaries of most monitors.

That being said, I'm still staying here.